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Enrich public space, where you will relax

Coffee lounge Hanagoromo

You will feel traditional Japanese beauty in the lounge. Enjoy morning coffee, or night wine there.

Japanese restaurant Orihime

Dinner party for both small and big group.
You will feel as if you are in a compartment.

You will enjoy atmosphere of Senhime's original hospitality.

Banquet hall Junihitoe

Elegant and wide space, where you will have a great time.

*250 of capacity. (Can be Separated into seven rooms by partition)

Convention hall Kinpouge

General meeting, conference and training.
It is close to interchange of Nikko-Utsunomiya toll road, and it makes you to have easy access to both meeting and world heritage sight seeing.

*300 people of capacity.(Can be separated into two rooms by partition.)

Souvenir shop Tamatebako

The best selection of local products of Nikko such as sweets, pickles, a folk-art article and traditional handicraft.




A grass-fronted stylish space.
Twelve constellations of the Zodiac are shining on the ceiling.

Live piano music has been played everyday.
Enjoy it with light up Japanese garden.

Karaoke room


*Rooms/44, Capacity/250guests,  lounge/Hanagoromo
*Banquet hall/300m2 250 capacity of guests
(Can be Separated into seven rooms by partition)
*Middle sized party room/60m2 30 capacity of guests
*Japanese restaurant/13 rooms, convention hall/300 capacity of guests
(Can be separated into two rooms by partition.)
Convention hall/300 capacity of guest, bathroom/ladies, gentlemen
*Open-air bath/ ladies, gentlemen *Club *Karaoke rooms
*video games, *tea room,
*parking lot/6 buses, 100 cars